Water spring of natural Aqua Bianca is placed in the zone of untouched nature far from industrial areas and polluters, between National park Bigradska gora and river Tara which is under the protection of UNESCO. Natural spring water AQUA BIANCA, thanks to its low number of minerals can be consumed continuously and in high quantity. It helps dissolving of mineral matters in gastric juice and its faster absorption in blood. The 2.20 mg/l content of sodium ions makes it acceptable especially for persons that are suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) and other cardio-vascular diseases. Sodium maintains osmotic pressure in the veins and its deficiency causes muscle spasms.
Content of calcium ions of 23.25 mg/l is sufficient so it avoids the problem of getting a low amount calcium in blood. Calcium regulates heart activity, lowers the risk of cancer and helps metabolism of iron in organism. Its deficiency causes osteoporosis.
Excessive intake of water with a high content of calcium leads to the deposition and the creation of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.
AQUA BIANCA is recommended to persons with these kind of problems because of the low content of minerals leads to thawing of a stone. Amount of 2.78 mg/l ions of magnesium is sufficient as a prevention for normal use of vitamins C and B1 in organism.
Magnesium protects blood vessels from fibrosis, helps burning fat in organism, prevents cardio-vascular diseases and formation of stone in kidneys and gall bladder. The 0.49 mg/l content of ion potassium is safe for consumption of this water in high amounts.
Potassium is necessary for regulation of water in cells, prevention of dehydration and maintenance of fluid balance in organism. Hydrocarbon content of 122 mg / l has extremely advantage not to disturb the sour environment gastric juices. All these characteristics classified AQUA BIANCA water in the order of high quality drinking waters and recommended it for all ages.